Our bodies are extremely fascinating and can do a lot for us when we maintain balance. I wish to be a part of your path to wellness, restoring your body to its most optimal state. I have been offering massage in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2013 and have recently moved my life and practice to Montréal, Québec since November 2022.

I believe in a holistic approach to address the underlying causes to your current concerns. My goal is to work with you, bringing more self-awareness to your daily life, to enhance body functionality, injury prevention and most importantly, long-term vitality.

I am able to work with a range of pressure; however I specialize in myofascial release, deep tissue massage, face/scalp treatment, prenatal massage, chronic pain and patterns, joint and muscle restrictions (reduced range of motion or shortened/tight muscles) to restore optimal and pain-free body movement.

A note for Québec Clients 

I know it’s quite normal to see Relaxation Massage or Deep Tissue Massage on most menus here, however, I did my training in Nova Scotia, where all massage is therapeutic – so I list my sessions as Massage Therapy and I currently don’t charge extra for deeper pressure. 

Based on your reasons when you book your appointment or when you come in, I adjust to your needs. I can offer a range of pressure from light to deep tissue. My unique style is more about meeting your tissues with an adequate pressure and considering your preferences. 

I believe all ranges of pressure can be therapeutic and/or relaxation. Medium or firm pressure can offer deep relaxation to the nervous system, and deep tissue can also be very relaxing to those who need it. Both approaches can be therapeutic depending on the person and body. Relaxation massage doesn’t necessarily imply less pressure…

and so I come prepared to offer you what you need based on my skills and style.

Certified Massage TherapyReceipts available

Spring 2024 UPDATE: As the world is shifting rapidly…so are the costs associated with running a small business (which I’m sure many of you already feel and understand). Given my distinct education and experience, compared to the minimal requirements to offer massage therapy in Québec, I feel it’s necessary to raise my rates. My service fees reflect my 2200hrs education, 10+ years of experience & additional courses, operating costs & the rising costs of living.

Rates as of May 1, 2024:

45mins $88

60mins $111

90mins $155

120mins $222

Important: Currently, I am only accepting cash/E-Transfer and able to provide a receipt for insurance but no direct billing.

To support your wellness journey, I’ve decided to offer packages! This way you can save a bit and gift yourself the consistency in wellness that is a necessary element for overall well-being.

To purchase a package, simply send an e-transfer to jo**************@pr********.com with the amount. It will be documented. Your receipt of the package is your email from your bank of the “Sent E-transfer”

º An insurance receipt will be provided for each massage after you attend the session. 

º Packages can only be used for you. 

º Ideally used up by the end of this year.

I look forward to connecting and being a part of your path to harmony and wellness.


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Keeping Massage Accessible

I believe massage and wellness services should be accessible to everyone. I try to maintain rates that covers my operational costs and still honours my work & meets your wellness needs. If these rates are outside your resources, please consider booking an appointment at Community Healings Days, a monthly, by-donation community clinic at which I offer massage as one of the team. Learn more about Community Healing Days and book online here