Sound Balancing

“Sound is the medicine of the future.”

Edgar Cayce

My journey through the path of bodywork and the healing arts has become less tangible, yet, having a more profound impact. All paths to be of greater service have led to sound, vibration and energy…after all, we are pure energy.

Using tuning forks in particular, has been a fascinating experience. I appreciate and admire this approach to energy healing because it is simple and direct way to restore harmony. We don’t necessarily need to talk or release muscle issues, we just come with curiosity to listen to what is there and allow whatever comes up to guide us. We allow the sound to do the work…to dislodge and collect. Sound is light…and so we are freeing up lodged biophotons (light energy) to run through our electrical circuit once again.

I am the striker, but the tuning fork and your Biofield (biomagnetic field) are really the ones “doing” the work. I use different forks at different frequencies; my 174Hz and 528Hz being my primary tools whose sound offers so much information when it interfaces with your field. And I currently incorporate two weighted forks at 62.64Hz and 54.81Hz which are the 7th and 8th harmonic of the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz), the Earth’s natural electrical pulse.

I tune into the vibration of the fork, the quality of the sound coming off the fork, and feel for any resistance in the field. All this information offers me an idea of what is happening in your field…like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

The fork provides the sound, a specific frequency in hertz, and that sound is offered to your Biofield. If there are any distortions in your field, caused perhaps by a trauma of some sort, then that indicates a blockage of the flow of energy in your field. The sound helps to dislodge that distortion of biophotons, and the fork, acts like a magnet to bring those biophotons back into your central channel (your midline) to allow them to return to circulation in your electromagnetic field. Often, restoring this flow of energy, this current, brings the body back to balance and a sense of harmony in your symphony.

“Through the introduction of the coherent sound input of the tuning fork, chaotic waveforms come to a more harmonious expression.”

Electric Body, Electric Health. Eileen Day McKusick, pg. 20, 2020.

If you would like to see a quick demo of what to expect during a full session, please watch this 9 minute video where Eileen walks through a session:

I will be offering full sessions later in 2022 after I complete the Practitioner Training. Many of these trainings were delayed or postponed due to the circumstances of the last two years.

For now, I am able to offer a mini “Tune-Up” as part of a massage. The Tune-Up is complimentary and a great way to explore an introduction to sound balancing and sound medicine. It can bring more coherence and harmony to your body and life force. Book online here.