Flow with your Soul

The flows follow the five elements; grounding ourselves into the Earth, flowing into Water, and building our Fire before the Air releases everything and we are left with the nothingness of Aether. In Halifax, I studied Sacred Sound and Movement Rituals for Women with my mentor Maryz. This journey deeply inspired and guided me to study and prepare music flows with greater intention, especially using the elements. 

If you’re new to free flowing dance/movement, here are some gentle considerations as you embark on this journey. 

  • Wear layers and undress as necessary
  • Feel safe wherever and with whoever you choose to move. To deeply unlock, we need to feel safe
  • Be discerning if something actually feels painful or is just a discomfort outside your comfort zone (both of movement and emotionally)…I don’t recommend doing a movement that may cause you physical pain, but if you’re listening to your body and how it wants to move, free yourself to explore new movements! Why not! 
  • Being barefoot is best
  • Stay hydrated
  • Give yourself time to ease into bigger, stronger, faster, intense movements – allow the music to guide you
  • Avoid speaking if you’re with others…keep the journey inward, but of course it’s ok to share a smile, or howl or scream of pain or euphoria.
  • Allow yourself to really go there. Really go into each element, especially Fire…shake and feel the intensity and heat that builds…
  • Give yourself time to I N T E G R A T E after the last track. This is a huge key to the full experience. Your being needs it. Lie down for 3-5mins at least to allow your field to integrate this new, cleared and energized You.

You may experience a release…a somatic shaking or even tears…it’s ALL ok! Allow your body to do what it needs to do to release. Sometimes these releases can catch us off guard or maybe we’re needing to have a good cry…so sometimes the intensity of Fire or the soothing flow of Water, brings us to this tipping points and allows the energy to move through and OUT! This is why it’s important to be in a safe space. Either alone in a private space, or around those your trust. And sometimes it’s best not take someone out of these releases by trying to touch or console them with a hug or rubs unless they ask…it’s best to allow their being to fully release and just witness. This is very powerful! 

I share these flow lists with love and the intention that they serve you to soften, surrender, unlock, dislodge and release anything that needs to move through and out of your being.  Some tracks I’ve used in more than one list because of the theme for that month, or felt called to use its medicine…and some tracks are so loved by my SiStars that I had to weave them in because they always make us moooove!

Let’s shake it through and out…everything…! All the bs, the frustration, the grief, the rage, the unprocessed or un-namable stuff… Let us continue to move these emotions, these energies, through us – so we can stand as strong, clear vessels amidst this galactic storm that continues to spiral. Shake, vibrate, cry, growl, swivel, pop, twerk…whatever moves you!  This is how we will get through each round of this shiFt.

May you continue to shine and grow into the versions of you that serve your highest call! 

With love and utmost gratitude for receiving me, 


The original Movement Medicine flow list https://spotify.link/OASZTo41cDb

September Clearing https://spotify.link/PRSwPVg2cDb

Fullness in Virgo https://spotify.link/y88hgia2cDb

April Renewal https://spotify.link/nwfwCsc2cDb

Answering the Call in May https://spotify.link/9OyaP3o2cDb

Spring Eclipse Portal https://spotify.link/4tDmdxr2cDb

Dissolve in Your Temple https://spotify.link/xqJX2wu2cDb

New Cycle https://spotify.link/Nvk8ZGx2cDb