Movement Medicine

Movement is Medicine. 

Our bodies hold the medicine for everything. We know how to heal ourselves. 

Sometimes the intense energy of challenging moments gets stuck and absorbed by our field…and can manifest as physical discomforts in our bodies or stuck e-motions (energy in motion).  It is all energy…presenting itself in different manifestations. Pent up energy always finds its way to manifest. It can sometimes show up as tension, anxiety, pain, and unfortunately in many cases, dis-ease in our bodies.

There are many ways to relieve ourselves of this stuck energy either post-trauma, or as energetic maintenance – and one of the most effective ways is to M O V E our bodies! This is why physical activities on any scale can be helpful to alleviate this “stuckness”. Walking is great, but if you can walk, why not dance and shake? I am a dancer at heart…and I believe our innate blueprints as humans, is to move freely, painlessly, and with joy in our hearts. We do not need to be trained dancers to move and express ourselves or whatever our body is need to express…this is why barefoot ecstatic dance is a great tool to access the subconscious mind, in a fun and explorative way. 

And music…is vibration, is frequency, It is the portal that transports us, beyond the conscious mind, and gives us permission to surrender to the innate wisdom our bodies hold. 

A few years ago, I was inspired by a mama in my community who one day shared that she was feeling so overwhelmed and just needed to move and dance it out. This lit a beautiful spark in my heart to create this possibility!  I love to dance, I love my community of women and I love being a Mama. So, these dances have become an offering to my community. I started in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and hosted monthly dances for about a year until I moved to Montréal, where I am seeking to continue this offering. 

If you would like to be in my mailing list for updates and events, please write me at sp**********@pr********.com or follow my Instagram @valentinaspiraldancer 

For now, I hope you enjoy some of my flows. I always share them after each dance. Most of them are around 90mins, with a few that are a bit shorter. Yes it takes time to curate a flow, however, I do this with love, in service to us as a collective. The music is not mine, and the flows are what come through each month. May we share what inspires us, and lift each other up.

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With Gratitude,