Winter Solstice 2020: Welcoming the Age of Aquarius

Originally posted in December 2020 on my previous website.

Sunrise from Stonehenge, Feeling the Collective & Stepping through the Veil

03:45ADT Dec 21, 2020
I was disappointed to see the forecast for Nova Scotia would be a huge rainstorm starting hours before sunrise. I had planned to go to a small beach facing East and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean however, I decided that it was best to stay home and be cosy, rather than wake up my toddler and make him and my partner go out on a rainy and cloudy morning where we wouldn’t even see the sun rise.

Last night just before falling asleep around midnight, I had this sense of peace. Completeness. Fearlessness – not in a fierce, raw power way, but in a soft, gentle, humbling way. A sense that all is well. Everything that I worried about before, just dissolved. Like that! I felt great and continue to feel amazing.

I woke after only 3 hours of sleep. I nursed Milo back to sleep and with an unexplained joy in my heart, logged on to watch this event happening across the pond, yet in the here and now. To my surprise, as the live stream loaded…we laughed to see that it is grey and cloudy in the English countryside hahahahaha and here is going to rain heavily. My friend Rudi said last night, “Maybe we’re just not meant to see it, but feel it.” So powerful and wise. Of course! We are and have been asked to go inward and connect with this higher dimension that is on the other side of the thinned veil.

As I watch the fog encompassing Stonehenge and observed this grand, magnificent structure, built by our ancestors, I am brought to this present feeling of inexplicable bliss and peace.

After years of feeling the pain, suffering and grief of my beloved Earth sisters and brothers, and ancestors, and the other sentient beings on this planet, I’ve felt an intense shift in the last few weeks, bringing up all that pain and suffering once more. I felt it was coming up to be cleared, to be released for good. Only in the last few days before Solstice I felt an immense excitement and pleasure in my body and field.

Now, instead of pain and suffering, I am feeling beauty, an uplifting, a pure love and a sense of calm. Like a veil or filter has been lifted from my heart and soul. This is the stepping into the Fifth Dimension, our New Earth – liberated from our past, our karmic cycles and fear.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

After an exciting morning of meditation and bliss, we headed out to the ocean. With the rain and fog, we were the only ones out on the rocks. My friend Rudi was right, “we weren’t meant to see it – we were meant to feel it.” The Earth’s ascension to the Fifth Dimension calls us to “see” with our other eyes: our cosmic eye (third eye), our soul’s eye (heart) and for wombyn, our centre of creation (yoni, wombspace). Of course. Seeing a sunrise is magickal. However, in this Fifth Dimension, we can connect to the energy of the Earth and cosmos by seeing and feeling with our other eyes.

Maybe we’re just not meant to see it, but feel it.

Playing my conch, I felt I was one instrument of an infinite cosmic orchestra of all beings here on Gaia, and across the Universe, celebrating this grand, long-awaited event – the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, the Great Galactic Alignment when rays of infinite love poured down to us from Source, celebrating the beginning of a new Age. I felt it deep within my being across all dimensions.

Let it be heard all across time and space! We made it! Welcome to The Age of Aquarius!

Although everything around me was dispelled in the foggy abyss, presenting a sense of solitude, I felt more connected than ever to my cosmic family across all space time, celebrating this grand moment for Gaia and our Universe.

Thank you for reading. For your presence and sharing this moment with me.

May you be filled with love.

May you hear your soul whispers.

May you have to courage to listen and follow your heart.

~ Valentina

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