Existing Beyond Duality

I write this not to stir and perpetuate the severe polarity that we are experiencing this year especially, but to shed light on welcoming different perspectives; to bring awareness to the simple fact that we each experience our reality differently to anyone outside of our individual self…so, this is merely one perspective of an infinity of perspectives. I ask that you please read till the end before making any polarized comments. Thank you for seeing me, allowing me to express myself transparently, without the fear of judgment.

E S S E N T I A L .

Hugs are essential.

Dance is essential.

Sunshine is essential.

Oxygen is essential.

Movement is essential.

Market gatherings are essential.

Gathering is essential.

Full, juicy, breathing is essential.

Seeing smiles are essential.

Natural immunity is essential.

Playing is essential.

Fairs and festivals are essential.

Live music is essential.

Witnessing birth is essential.

Witnessing death is essential.

Adventure is essential.

Physical touch is essential.

Family connection is essential.

Your tribe is essential.

Community support is essential.

Local businesses are essential.

Flow and ease are essential.

Simplicity is essential.

Wellness is essential.

Choice is essential.

Our livelihoods are essential.

Remembering our power is essential.

All of the above. In person, unm@$ked. These are some of what actually drives our livelihoods. Humans are tribal beings. Multidimensional and receptive to our environment. We thrive on connection, on being witnessed, on being seen. Placing our lives behind screens doesn’t give anyone real-time, moment-to-moment “feed” of the vast beauty of our days. An image, a post, a video are limited and compressed displays of our dynamic lives.

Rather than feeding the fear, violence, and pressure faced by our communities, by our loved ones to uphold health codes, can we shift our energy our focus and not forget about the other sides of this coin: our community wellness, our community spirit, our livelihoods and all the other factors that feed into our immunity as dynamic living beings – remembering that what is essential is completely relative to the values of whom is speaking.

Each one of us is one facet of the most illustrious, grand, and magnanimous, cosmic diamond that you could imagine – all one of the same – the diamond is our divine source, divine creator, Goddess, God – when we remember that we each are glistening facets of the divine whole – that someone else’s differing thoughts are only our own, from a different facet of the unified diamond…then we are liberated from the separation that causes the suffering, and we can be with each other in love.

Valentina Vera

Rather than perpetuating the duality, feeding into what divides us, let’s hold space, let’s listen to what the other perspectives are. After all, there are always at least TWO sides to everything – and, as we step into a higher dimension, the “sides” are limitless…let’s start opening our hearts to the other side, or sides. The longer we trap ourselves into the polarity of “it has to be ONE way” then the more pain, suffering, struggle and DIVIDE we create for ourselves and our communities. We’ve been encouraged and primed for far too long that everything is either right/wrong, good/bad, us/them, m@$ked/unm@$ked, our way or not valid.

You don’t have to agree with the other sides, but in order to serve our highest good as an Earth Collective, we need to step beyond the duality and not dismiss or disrespect the opposition. May we show love and compassion when we encounter someone with different essentials, different values, different perspective. Open your heart, liberate your mind, step through to the limitless potential you can create for yourself and others with that open-hearted space. From this place of neutrality we can create the most harmonious vision for our future.

It isn’t the m@$k-wearing or staying indoors that’s going to get us through the tougher times that lie ahead. We are living, breathing, multidimensional beings. Our breath is the primary source of our energy – the prāṇa that recharges our being. And beyond the breath, it’s our remembering of who we truly are and expressing love and compassion for each other and the divine connection we share together that will bridge these times of separation. It starts with compassion.

If you made it this far, I am filled with humbling gratitude for your presence and energy.

Blessings, kindness and gratitude.

| V a l e n t i n a V e r a |

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