Time to S L O W D O W N

Nothing in nature blooms all year.
Surrender to the darkness.
Deep in their roots,
this is there plants store their light

Unknown + Valentina Vera

Decembers are usually intense with massage season being at its peak and feeling the bustle of the holidays. Even with loving boundaries in place for my own well-being, it is still a challenge to manage my energy while holding space for everyone around me…especially this past December…on top of a normally busy, crazy time.

I look forward to Januarys because it’s my time to pause and dive deep into my Winter cave. I get to surrender to much needed rest, and like animals, hibernate my body and mind. This is my restoration and renewal before the next Spring. Our minds and bodies need this slowing down, this flow and surrender to the darkness of Winter in order to step out of the Winter cave renewed come Spring.

I enjoy using a typewriter because it invites me to slow down my thoughts and write with intention and focus. Sometimes having that convenient backspace button encourages us to avoid making mistakes because our words can be simply erased, rather than seeing the true process we’ve experienced to create something.

Writing is intentional. Life needs to remain intentional. Slowing down to put some thought to my words, gives great power to those words. I write from a deeper place in my heart, speaking and living my truth.

Today, I take the time to slow down and reflect on what I envision for 2022 and beyond.

I welcome my hibernation with excitement to write, create art, sip a lot of tea and cacao, take mindful winter hikes and deepen my inner exploration. Winter is the soul’s season to connect with its darkness. It’s the time we are gifted to witness our duality and alchemize the darkness into the fresh life energy of Spring and the wholeness of Summer.

Blessed Be.

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